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Sunday, July 17 - Wednesday, July 20
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Pre-Registration is now closed

Join us for our 2022 Vacation Bible School, "Dino Dig"! We'll unearth the truths of God's Word and discover Jesus as we roam among the dinosaurs. Unforgettable adventures, timeless truths, and a refreshing family fun await - so sign up today and start digging!

For the Parents:

When you bring your kids to VBS, stick around for special "Creation Investigation" with our special guest speaker, Dave Woetzel. The Creation Investigation is a series of exciting, fast-paced presentations regarding the origins debate, Biblical apologetics, and dinosaurs. While the different topics can stand alone, the series is designed to cover material in a logical fashion, starting with the broad concepts of theism and truth, discussing both the creation and evolution models, and ending with the compelling evidence that the Bible is indeed God’s inspired Word.

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