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Sunday, June 23 - Wednesday, June 26
6:00pm - 8:15pm

Join us for our 2024 Vacation Bible School, "WildLIVE"! Kids will embark on a documentary journey were we will encounter wild animals in their crazy cool habitats and observe their quirky habits. This safari survey and animal adventure is the backdrop for lessons focused on the captivating character of Christ...and how we can model His behavior in our own lives. 

Theme Verse:

“I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you!"

(John 13:15)

For the Parents:

When you bring your kids to VBS, stick around for a special seminar for adults entitled "God's word vs the World: Should a modern society live by an ancient book?" with special visiting speaker, Pastor Ben Hicks.


Does the Bible have the answers for the LGBTQ revolution? Where do we come from, and if it's the creation account in Genesis... does it really matter? What is critical race theory, anyway? If questions like these have ever left you feeling mentally lost, then this upcoming Summer Bible Seminar is for you. Pastor Hicks will carefully dig into the text of the Bible, to show just how this ancient text applies to a 21st century world and if it is relevant to our current struggles.

Ben Hicks is an Associate Pastor at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Bible, a Master of Arts in Bible, a Master of Divinity, and a PhD. During his years as a student and intern, Ben focused on college-age evangelism and discipleship, and has also enjoyed serving in a wide-ranging set of ministries from prison ministries to nursing homes. He and his wife Brittany have three rambunctious children and reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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