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Sunday, June 25 - Wednesday, June 28
6:00pm - 8:15pm

Online Registration Closed

Join us for our 2023 Vacation Bible School, "Truth Sleuth"! We'll track down clues and follow the evidence to discover the wonderful truth that the Gospel isn't hard to find! Unforgettable adventures, timeless truths, and a refreshing family fun await - so sign up today and start sleuthing!

For the Parents:

When you bring your kids to VBS, stick around for a special seminar for adults entitled "Hard Evidence for a Supernatural Book" with our guest speaker, Dr. Dan Olinger.  


It's one thing to claim that Bible is different than any other book; it's another thing to provide evidence for it. Each night, Dr. Olinger will provide us will compelling and engaging reasons why the Bible stands alone as the authoritative and inspired Word of God. This series of sessions is sure to strengthen the faith of believers and engage the curiosity of those interested in knowing more about Christianity.

Front side (VBS) Hosted by Faith Baptist Church of Palm Bay K4-6th grade June 25-28, 600-8
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