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Faith Baptist Messages

Two Mile Christians

November 10, 2013 Speaker: Matt Thomas

Topic: Sunday AM Passage: Matthew 5:38–5:48

The sermon on the mount is the favorite of many.  Many principles are covered at a very fast pace.  These principles are presenting in a "don't do this, instead do this" manner. In Matthew 5:41, Jesus covers the common Roman law that allowed a soldier to command a Jew to carry their load for a mile.  The Jews had been accustomed to this from their years under the rule of foreigners (not only the Romans but all the way back to the Persians).  Jesus teaches that the Jews were to not only submit but go "the second mile".  In other words, gladly do your dut and exceed expectations.  This teaching still applies to us today to always be seeking to minister to others in a way that surpasses their expectations.  We should be "two mile Christians"!