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Faith Baptist Messages

22 - Handling Guilt Biblically

May 8, 2013 Speaker: Tom Wells Series: Biblical Counseling Basics

Topic: Biblical Counseling Passage: Genesis 3

In this 32 part series on Biblical Counseling Basics, this message discusses Guilt. For this lesson, a copyrighted video produced by Faith Baptist Church of Lafayette Indiana was viewed.  Teacher and Biblical scholar Brent Aucoin teaches about an example of the guilt of a depressed man in Psalm 38 (David's depression and physical ailments due to his sin of adultery and murder) and the roots of guilt in Genesis 3 (the fall).  He illustrates the flaws of modern psychology with hypothetical conversations between Adam and Freud, Skinner, and Rogers and how they are just modern examples of the wrong ways Adam and Eve tried to deal with their sin by covering, and blame-shifting.

Using a Biblical definition of guilt, (a liability or culpability for wrongdoing) Brent teaches two general truths about guilt: (1) Everybody is guilty. (2) God will hold you accountable for your guilt.

Brent then develops the concept of three different ways that the conscience behaves unbiblically. (1) An untrained conscience (2) A seared conscience - has repeated sin so much that it no longer feels guilty, and (3) A weak conscience. A weak conscience is a conscience triggered or stimulated by something other than God’s Word.

Last, Brent teaches four principles on how to deal with guilt God's way. (1) Confess our sin to God. (2) Confess to the appropriate people. (3) Make restitution. (4) Forsake the sin.

Tom Wells concludes the session with a five minutes summary of the lesson and a case study. (This is the only audio included on this web page.)

If you are interested in purchasing the series from Faith Church Lafayette Indiana, go to http://store.faithlafayette.org/handling-guilt-biblically-dvd-p661.aspx.

Notes (pdf)

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