Kid's Ministry

At Faith, our desire is to be an extension and a support of the scriptural truths taught at home. Our caring children's staff exemplifies Godly character traits and has a desire to make learning about God meaningful and exciting. 

Student Ministry

The Faith Youth Ministry offers many opportunities for young people to grow in their relationship with God by fostering Christ-like character, evangelizing the lost, and providing opportunities in and through the church. 

Adult Bible Study

Our Adult Sunday school class provide a time of intense focus on God's Word in order to equip the Christian to face the challenges found at work, at home, and in their community while providing excellent opportunities for building relationships. 

SCHOOL YEAR: Pick from one of many Bible study groups offered and connect with like-minded people desiring to know God more through His Word. 

SUMMERS: Get involved in our "Summer Electives" by choosing from a variety of classes that focus on specific issues addressed from a Biblical worldview. 

Counseling Ministry 

Our goal is providing Biblical Counseling to help an individual face the challenges of life in a God-honoring way, that they may fully learn God's love for them and HIs plans for their life. This is done by simply becoming more like Christ. 

Our counseling program is led by Tom Wells. Tom has a certification from ACBC. If you would like to set up a time to meet with Tom, please reach out to our church office, or send us an email at info@faithpb.com