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Remember when you were a kid?  For must of us those days were good.  Life was easier then and not just because we were kids.  Life seems a little more complicated for them now.  Sometimes kids have to grown up too fast and that's a shame.  While we can't turn back the clock, there are some things we can do.  

We offer an environment that fosters wholesome friendships with young people that you and your kids can trust. At the same time, kids at Faith sure have fun! And all this fun flows out of our commitment to teaching God's Word and helping children know how to live for Him in the real world.  Take a look at our ministry to childrens, and if you have any questions, Pastor Matt Thomas would love to help you.

There is a remnant of yesterday's childhood when life was good and easy, and it is right in your neighborhood. Faith Baptist Church is a place for kids, but it is also a place for you.