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Faith Baptist Messages

Early Christianity in North Africa

November 3, 2013 Speaker: Louis Schulz

Topic: Sunday PM Passage: Acts 8:26–8:39

Recorded in the 8th chapter of Acts is the encouter Philip had with a North African Ethiopian eunich (a descendent of Ham) who was a dignitary of the queen in order to share the good news of Christ wich leads to the spreading of the gospel throughout North Africa in the first and second centuries. This was the first of three salvations recorded in Act 8, 9, and 10.  In Chapter 9, Saul of Tarsus (a descendent Shem) is saved by Christ him self on the road to Damascus.  In Chapter 10 a Roman Centurian (a descendent of Japheth).  In these three conversions, God is extending His salvation to the gentile world.